ES062 Sports Waist Trainer

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ES062 Sports Waist Trainer

"The ultimate waist trainer for active women. Achieve the waist of your dreams with quite possibly the most effective waist trainer on the market"


The ES062 Waist Trainer from Esbelt is the ultimate workout accessory to help you achieve the waist of your dreams. Forget endless crunches, this waist trainer is your secret weapon to reducing inches and defining your curves. To get the most benefit simply wear for up to 8 hours a day. It’s suitable (and discreet enough) to wear to work, to shop in, and even to enjoy a night on the town in! To get the most benefit though, be sure you incorporate it into your fitness workouts. This waist trainer has been made from high-quality fused latex and cotton, meaning it will provide high compression benefits yet remain flexible enough to allow for movement. Unlike traditional boning too, which is positioned vertically to the body, the ES062 also makes use of flexible diagonal steel boning to allow for even further movement.


• Perfect for waist training • Reduces and shapes waist • Ideal for gym/workout sessions • Discreet under clothing • Fused latex and cotton. • Triple layered 100% cotton lining. • Flexible steel boning to avoid roll-up.

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