ES431 Slimming Vest

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Available in Black & Natural

Slimming Vest

"Savvy, strong and super-comfortable. The ES431 Slimming Vest combines our knock-out waist trainer with additional shoulder straps for the ultimate in figure defining shapewear"


  • Instant figure improvement.
  • Suitable to use whilst exercising.
  • All Esbelts should be reasonably tight fitting, they create a "micro-massage" effect as the body moves. This can help weight loss.
  • Post-natal recovery. In a similar way to the back support, the stomach muscles are also supported which is particularly relevant after giving birth.
  • Improves posture and offers back support. The compression element gives support to the lower back muscles and many people find this reduces back pain.
  • Lifts the bust. Because the garments don't roll up or down and are positioned immediately under the bust, the effect of wearing an Esbelt tends to lift the bust.
  • Offers total support. Adjustable straps support the underarm and also the upper back.
  • Instant slimming effect.


  • Perfect for waist training.
  • Similar to ES404 except the ES431 has shoulder straps.
  • Double set of hook and eye fastenings for a tighter or slacker fit.
  • Adjustable straps
  • Light flexible boning prevents rolling up or down.
  • 100% cotton lining with high quality Latex exterior.


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